AccessPointRX MD mobile medication management system

AccessRx MD™ mobile medication system

The AccessRx MD™ mobile medication system is an integrated, patient-centric solution designed to streamline your medication delivery process while providing pharmacy with an unprecedented level of control.

  • Closed loop medication delivery
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Unparalleled control
  • Enhanced security
  • Elite performance & long-term value

Smart and user-friendly features

Individual atient specific medication drawers
Features for Pharmacy
  • Information visibility and audit reports
  • Configurable access time controls
  • Alerts for patient transfers and discharges
  • Improves medication security, compliance, and medication administration accuracy
barcode patient identification and bedside medication administration
Features for Nursing
  • Integrated, real-time bedside medication administration
  • Patient specific individually locking bins
  • Patient specific medication visibility & management
  • Eliminates time consuming and error-prone manual drawer labeling
easy to use medication management software
Features for IT
  • Enterprise/IT Favorable Technology
  • Active directory integration
  • Configurable interface
  • HL7 compliant integration with the hospital’s information system
  • Web based console and remote access

A streamlined workflow

bedside medication administration

The AccessRx MD system is comprised of our workstation, client software and individual locking, patient-specific drawers. Simplified data entry, reduced documentation time, and properly secured medications allow hospitals to streamline the medication delivery process. Clinicians are able to optimize every step they take throughout their shift. This improves workflow, enables good medication delivery practices, and avoids common workarounds.

The AccessRx Md™ simplifies data entry, reduces documentation time and properly secures medications.

Individually locking, patient specific drawers tie to the patient’s medical record number and patient ID barcode.

A variety of medication module configurations are available.

The AccessRx Md™ improves nursing efficiency and enables good medication delivery practices.